My name is Jill Kearney. I’m a writer, visual artist, and a former journalist and film executive. As a child, I spent many formative summers in Provincetown, Mass, where local arts institutions anchored a diverse community of artists, writers, and fisherman. My parents founded The Contemporary Art Workshop, an art center housed in a rambling former dairy factory in Chicago, Illinois, and they inspired me to start ArtYard with my husband and my creative partner Elsa Mora. I graduated from Harvard with a degree in English and Creative Writing, worked in Hollywood as a creative executive at Francis Coppola’s Zoetrope Studios,  served as west coast editor of American Film and Premiere Magazine, and later ran the Tribeca Film Center-based offices of Los Angeles film producer Art Linson. I married Stephen McDonnell, founder of Applegate Farms Organic and Natural Meats, moved to Bucks County PA, worked briefly on the sausage line wearing a white cap, raised three strong and capable daughters, and sat on the board of Applegate Farms. Before launching ArtYard I produced theater, dance, and literary events in a cavernous unheated barn in Bucks County PA,  where I developed a deep appreciation for the practice of art as a collaborative enterprise.